Synthesizer DVK for N1MM+

Since Amazon has the very cool Polly synthesizer, and essentially a plan to use it for free, I wrote this synthesizer app to generate all the WAV files for contesting.
It's been discussed on the N1MM+ reflector for some time.  I thought I'd stick it here so you can find the links for download.
You can customize language, pitch, speed, etc,etc.  It has a feature to generate WAV files from the supercheckpartial database.   I've pre-created recordings in English using one of the best voices in the collection.  Feel free to download.
Enjoy -- see you all in CQ WW SSB 2018 from K2LE.
Gerry W1VE
Synthesizer DVK Setup: All Contest Calls + Prefixes WAV files (2.1 GB): All US/VE Calls (Great for SS,etc):
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